The dypro Story

         Dynamic Promotions, Inc. was founded and incorporated in 1989 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.    The super-ordinate goal was, and still is:  to promote and encourage the noble and ancient game of golf in and around the great lakes region and then diversify.    It was conceived in the brainstorming of three gentlemen: Tom Tracy, Doug Johnston, & Chris Falletta.    The three men worked together, and made a foundation for the future.

         They each had their own strengths and each added an integral facet to the growth and development of the young company.    Tom Tracy bequeathed his entrepreneurial insight and philanthropic generosity.    Doug Johnston allotted his portions of business savvy.    Chris Falletta devoted his charisma and work ethics.

         However, through the course of time, the three gentlemen were destined to chose their own paths.    Each partner has a made an enduring contribution to the other's creeds, and remain good friends.

      Dynamic Promotions, Inc. (also known as dynamic promotions, dynamic productions, and dypro) has now fallen into the capable hands of  Mr. Falletta, known to his family, friends and foes as, just Chris.    He is a Christmas Day born son of Charles and Carmella in the Cuyahoga Valley of Ohio.    He has been a resident of Fort Wayne, Indiana since 1976.

      With the help of friends, staff and competitive management consultants, dypro has a solid root in the community, and is starting to blossom and seed.    Some of the people who help shape the diamond in the rough to become multifaceted are:    Nancy & Dale Durnell, truly great friends, without whom early efforts would have certainly come to an abrupt halt; Dan Fair, a computer guru, whose general expertise and vigilance has rescued clumsy plodding more times than he will admit; my left handed sign painting lady, Carm Labriola, who's expertise and professionalism is unsurpassed; Sam & Lynn Asfur, transplanted New Yorkers now in Florida, always "smiling", and always issuing positive, constructive input; W. Clement Stone, motivator & executive developer, whose Junior Executive Training program helped us direct out thoughts, control our emotions, and ordain our destiny, who also gave us the desire to take advantage of cycles and trends; Dave Wollman of total Concepts, whose media knowledge and generosity are always welcome and appreciated; Eric Johnson of Ad Lab, whose originality and support laid the framework for and the ugolf mall; Rick Hemsoth, a PGA Pro, without whom dynamic promotions, many golfers, associates, and the youth of Fort Wayne would suffer a great loss; Al Stein, who taught us the value of backing a winner, and the activity knowledge of working hard; Pete Weaver, a good natured, benevolent soul, & the Zeus of the printed page; Catherine Storms, whose graphics and ideas grace so many pages here in the digital world and also many personal pages in Chris's everyday life;  Casey Coburn, the newest addition to our staff of  IT and Networking; The folks of Hale Irwin's Golfer's Passport, in particular the late Bob Rheim, who gave us vision; The American Red Cross, & the Salvation Army, without whom so many unfortunates would suffer just a bit more; PBS TV, who brings "viewer supported" great programming into each of our homes; also, the    many independent contractors that have allotted their time and effort to our support and development; last, but not the least, the families of all those involved with dynamic promotions and its subsidiaries, because of their understanding and sacrifice, have made the journey beneficial to all.

      You will notice many choices in surfing through our websites.    This is a deliberate and an important part of our construction.    We want to lace our projects together for a more sturdy whole in the expanding universe of the internet.    Please bookmark the pages of special interest and revisit them, as our web presence grows and matures along with this great new medium, the "E-Hiway".

      We hope your visit is enjoyable, helpful, and perhaps even a little inspirational.

Contact Information:
1604 Sherman Boulevard
Fort Wayne, Indiana  46808-3250

Phone:  260/441-7469

Our FAX number is  801/460-5063

Mobile Phone:
(immediately after US landfall of a hurricane):  260/740-9461

Our Electronic mail addresses are:
Mobile e-mail (during or immediately after US landfall of a hurricane): chris
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