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         Welcome to the Dynamic Promotions Hurricane Tee Shirts Web Site. This is where you can receive an "I Survived" t-shirt of the Hurricane of your choice, and help the less fortunate of different hurricanes... at the same time.  Please look through our shirt choices.  The newest storms are Rita, Katrina, Dennis, Hurricane Grand Slam 2004, Katrina, and Wilma is available.


        Our Mission

            To provide a first quality tee, 100% cotton or 50-50 blend, with a top quality six color graphic print as a memento of not so pleasant times, but none the less, celebrating life.  With your help, up to 50% of the proceeds are donated back to the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army* in the areas the hurricane made landfall.

        *We are not affiliated with nor are we acting, in any manner, as agents of either of these fine organizations.  We are not soliciting dollars for them by their request, but hope you like the shirts enough to purchase them and commemorate the celebration of life.   Help us reach our goal of sending thousands of dollars directly to the areas affected.

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Contact Information

We can be reached by phone at: 260/441-7469,
There is voice messaging.

Our Postal Address is:
1604 Sherman Boulevard
Fort Wayne, Indiana  46808-3250

Our FAX number is  801/460-5063

Mobile Phone:
(immediately after US landfall of a hurricane):  260/740-9461

Our Electronic mail addresses are:
Mobile e-mail (during or immediately after US landfall of a hurricane):
General Sales Information:


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