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I had this plane Jane Ibenez guitar. I had this really nice block of wood. Well I play guitar and cut wood so I thought that I would make something that was cool. The body is one piece of Honduras mahogany. This wood changes colors in different light, look at the photos closely.  I made this so it would be comfortable to play.  It has a double locking whammy (which stays in tune very well)   The pickups are out of an old Gibson and Strat that I had.  I did scallop the fretboard from the 10th fret up. I laminated an extra piece of wood on the headstock so I could cut out the fire detail. This is one of the coolest guitars I have ever seen and I have been told the same by others. I am planning to start a custom guitar biz and the money will be used for capitol to get that going. This would be the first from my company, so, who knows it might be worth a lot of doe someday.  -- Damian Gebhart

Honduras Mahogany (one piece) sculpted and polished;
double locking whammy bar; tenth fret and up scallopped fret board;
One of a kind, hand made to Your specifications
All pick up, tremelo, neck options, wood species are options that You can specify

Call Damian Gebhart for particular questions or comments:
CELL: 260.740.2375

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