Here's a few domain names that you may be interested in.
All are for sale.

This is a list of domain names that are registered by dynamic promotions, and/or dynamic productions.
Some are in use, some are not. Internet Technology Show 21st Century or a gambling site Something to do with 21st Century or a shoe size Triple L Oh.... looks like 1110, but it's three lower case l's & a zero... easy to type in! Easy to say, easy to remember, easy to type in (active url) What is your website?   comisit....  Just com?  No, comisit... and so on Computers; Communications 2000 Formula One & Indy Car Racing memorabilia or information  Morel mushroom lovers website (active url) "Thank You".com  (active url) Green Bay Packers memorabilia & information (active url) MS Internet Explorer keyword; ugolf... (just to make it easy) no I aint stutterin dynamic promotions; dynamic productions; dynamic professionals Orange County Choppers & Nascar? use your imagination Lessons, clinics, auctions (active url)

If you have interest in any of these domain names or need help with your ideas,
in any facet, please contact me through the internet.

The Baby Bull of dynamic promotions

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Last updated:  Thursday, January 31, 2008